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About Medellin

Medellin is Colombia’s second largest city, and the capital of the Department of Antioquia. It´s nestled in a beautiful, fertile valley of the central Andes, at 1,500 meters over sea level. The combination of elevation and tropical climate gives Medellin an incredible mild everlasting season, giving it the nickname of “The City of Eternal Spring.” Famous for its vibrant nightlife, modern city center, beautiful parks, and unique international culture, it also gives access to the mountains, with unlimited trails and spots surrounded by breathtaking vistas, rolling rivers, and beautiful, colonial towns, all within a short driving distance from the metropolitan hub.

Are we in love with this city? The answer is YES! Medellin is bursting with energy, culture, and modern amenities. Home to around 3 million people, it brings together colorful neighborhoods, markets, businesses, museums, and parks. And if you thought it was busy during the day, wait for nightfall! Enjoy a seemingly endless supply of delicious restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs that satisfy even the most jaded traveler. Combine all of this with a growing economy, a sustainable, green metro system, and a stunning amount of beautiful and laid back inhabitants and you´ll agree with us… Medellin is amazing!

Ask any Paisa (the endearing nickname of Anitoquian locals) about the pueblos in the mountains and valleys surrounding Medellin, and they will gasp, look longingly towards the mountains, and quickly fall into a long and loving description of the beautiful towns around the city. It is a favorite activity of both locals and tourists to get out of the city and spend time in some of these towns including Santa fe Antioquia and Guatepe.

Founded in 1541, Santa Fe Antioquia is one of the most unique, authentic, and historical towns in all of Colombia. Still maintaining much of its original colonial architecture and a tangibly historic feel, it was the original capital of Antioquia and sits in the warm and tropical Cauca River valley.

Guatape sits to the west of Medellin and is another famous Antioquian pueblo. With a colorful plaza on the banks of a stunningly gorgeous lake, it is not a place to be missed. Of course, no trip to Guatape is complete without scaling the famous Penol Rock and soaking in the endless vistas from the top.

Colombian Bike Junkies: Medellin
Our goal in Medellin is to encourage visitors to get out of the city and explore the mountains and pueblos that lie just beyond the bustling valley below. With brand new, top quality mountain bikes, modern rafting equipment, and internationally trained and professional guides we can provide unique ways to explore the incredible mountains of Antioquia while bringing you back in time to dance the night away back in the city.